We have available several GPR Systems based on the Geophysical Survey Systems
Model SIR-3000
  • 100 MHz system that can be used for shallow geological profiling, water table mapping,
  • Geotechnical site investigations, voids and cavities, tunnels and buried chambers.
  • 400 MHz system is often used for utility mapping, where pipelines, culverts, cables, drainage, sewer lines and other shallow (3-5 meters depending on site conditions) buried objects.
  • 900 MHz system is a high resolution system designed for applications requiring shallow penetration
  • down to 1 meter, such as void detection, concrete thickness assessment, and shallow pipe detection.
    identify re-bar and reinforcing, embedded pipes, cables, conduit.
  • 1,500 MHz is used for high resolution mapping of concrete structures to locate and map re-bars, tendons, overlay thickness and embedded objects.